CodeFuse Console User Guide covers all of the software testing features of the Cloud hosted application.

CodeFuse Console Quick Start Guide will help you quickly assimilate the basics of setting up and configuring a test with CodeFuse.

Archtecture Guide highlights the different ways CodeFuse can be deployed in support of your software testing requirements either locally or in the cloud.

CodeFuse Agent Guide covers all of the features of this tool and how it can be used to execute tests locally or in the cloud.

CodeFuse Test Listings Guide lists and explains all of the 80+ pre-scripted keyword driven test actions that CodeFuse provides.

CodeFuse Performance Testing Options lists the various performance testing options with Codefuse.

CodeFuse Console Product Datasheet presents the key features and benefits of the CodeFuse automated software testing suite.

CodeFuse Console Flyer is a very easy to digest A5 flyer highlighting the key concepts embedded within the CodeFuse software testing suite.

Avoiding Common Test Automation Pitfalls with CodeFuse Technology cloud hosted software testing service

Guiding Quality through Business Value. How you can improve quality by focusing on business value.

Avoiding Software Test Automation Failure Common reasons why test automation fails… so you can avoid them.