Codefuse Console

Introducing Codefuse Console

Whichever CodeFuse service you use, be it managed or self service, your regression testing will be powered by our CodeFuse Console – innovative software that automates your testing.

icon-robot Automate your web applications and application interfaces
icon-wandWe deal with the automation technology so you don’t have to
icon-robot Boost Coverage – Test OS, Browsers, app configs & data sets
icon-wandSave time and money – create and execute tests ON DAY ONE
icon-robot Easy test creation, Selenium powered & low maintenance
icon-wandClear Results – Simple and unambiguous

CodeFuse Console gives you complete, fast, web app test automation in the cloud.

  • Simple set up
  • Complete your test in 15 minutes
  • Comprehensive reports
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Hundreds of browsers and OS
  • Multiple data combination
  • Multiple variations of your product, including language or other customisations
Simple & convenient
  • No set-up – everything you need in the cloud
  • No server or code maintenance or upgrade hassle
  • Non-coders can use keywords or the Visual Test Builder to construct tests
  • Easy UI data extraction using our in-browser Spy tool
  • Clear results and ROI reporting
  • Speed of set-up
  • Write tests faster with keywords, re-usable step-sets and Visual Test Builder
  • Run regression tests faster
  • Run multiple regression tests concurrently
  • Helpful, fast maintenance features
  • Use our consultants to remotely write tests
Test Coverage
  • Fast, repeatable automated tests
  • Multiple OS and browsers to execute tests on
  • Multiple environments for your app (e.g. Staging,Live)
  • Multiple configurations of your app (e.g. languages – UK, German variations)
  • Multiple data sets
  • Data-driven testing through the Visual Test Builder

How do we compare?

Feature Qualltia eureQa Tellurium CodeFuse
Cloud/zero install LIMITED
Built-in os/Browser client environments LIMITED LIMITED
Object management
Keyword driven
Re-usable assets
Error handling
Clear reporting LIMITED
Requirements & test case management LIMITED
Test variations