CodeFuse Technology believes that everyone should be proud of the products they build. We help you create great quality software which has a positive impact on users. To help you do that, we provide simple and convenient automated regression testing services.

Formed in 2013, our senior management team have more than 70 years of experience in IT Industry with 35 of those years in software testing. This wide experience means that we understand your problem and can deliver an appropriate solution.

In our experience many companies do not get the value they should from regression test automation. Too often software product releases disappoint customers because testing is too slow and doesn’t provide enough coverage. Regression test automation requires skill and an appropriate technical ecosystem to support it. These can take time and money to get right.

We provide solutions to allow regression test automation to deliver rapid business value and give your team clear quality insight. We minimize your efforts in set-up and maintenance so that you can concentrate on getting the job done. Our focus is making sure that our software is an enabler, not an overhead. The low set-up time means your team can ‘bake in’ quality from the very start!




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