Fully managed

No test resource? No problem. We manage your regression testing for you.

Flexible managed

Limited resource or automation skills? Supplement your team with CodeFuse expertise.

Self serve

If you have test resource and need automated regression tests, look no further.

Scenarios where CodeFuse can help YOU

“I want to replace manual testing with automation”



Dan needs a solution that is simple and convenient, fast and enables great test coverage.

Dan’s team is about to start work on a new web application. They want to use test automation as they know that it is vital for agile teams to work effectively. He doesn’t want to get bogged down with long cycles of manual regression testing. And he needs great test coverage to ensure a high quality product.

Dan feels he has an experienced team who take pride in what they do but knows there is a lot of work to do. He loves the idea of being able to supplement his resource at key times so chooses the CodeFuse Flexible Managed Service.

“I’m wary of test automation”

Linda, Test Automation Skeptic
Digital marketing company


Linda needs a test automation service that is ready to go on day one!

Linda has tried various test automation tools over the last 10 years of her career. They have all failed. Not because the technology doesn’t work, but she’s always found that there is more set-up involved than she was led to believe. Selecting a technical tool is easy but seeing business value is tough. Her teams never seem to be given the time to set the tool up properly and that’s before they try to write and maintain the tests!

Linda wants to make sure that her regression testing is awesome and the team can be proud of what they produce. She chooses the CodeFuse Fully Managed Service.

“It’s hard work making test automation work”

Dana, Test Automation Struggler
Professional Membership Organisation


Dana needs a way of writing tests quickly, reducing test debugging time and lowering maintenance time.

Dana’s team has been working on a web application for 3 years. The time involved in manual testing is holding them back though. She had convinced her senior management to pause product feature development and set up a test automation tool properly. However, now that feature development is back in full swing, the team are struggling to get the time to write tests to cover the 3-years’ worth of features that don’t have automated tests and maintain them too!

Dana knows what she needs to do to make a great product she’s proud of; she just needs a great test automation solution and additional resource. She chooses the CodeFuse Flexible Managed Service.

“I need more from test automation”

Steve, Test Automation Expert
Financial Information Service


Steve needs a solution that lets him expand his test coverage to multiple OS and browsers, environments, configurations and enable data-driven testing.

Steve’s team has been working on a web application for the last year. They built a test automation capability early on and it has enabled them to be more agile in their approach. However, quality is still not where Steve wants it to be. The test coverage isn’t good enough. He’s frustrated that his test automation suites only run against one OS and browser, one QA environment, one language configuration and one data set.

Steve wants his product to be something to be proud of. He loves the advanced coverage features of CodeFuse Console and knows his team can make use of them. He chooses the CodeFuse Self Serve option.